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"Win The Lost-At Any Cost"

                                                        Ernest Angley Ministries


            When the Lord sent me to this Ministry "My whole life changed!"

                                                                                   "So I Laughed"   

    Matthew L Grinage  What would I say about myself. When I was in my early twenties  I did not think that I would see my thirties. I just knew I would not live that long. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes had my life. I had a  wife and two wonderful children but I was not able to take care of them. In fact I was not able to take care of myself. I was lost an undone and I knew it but I saw no way out. When I saw how I was treating my children and inflicting my wife I cried out to God. As I was walking to the bar one night I ask God to help me, then I heard a voice. He told me He was not able to help me, I had to go to His son Jesus, that He put all things in his son's hands. That was the first time I heard God. Two weeks later I was watching television,  five people were standing in front of a minister he put his hands on them and cast out devils. I believed it was phony, He told the people that if they smoke another cigarette again  that they would  feel like they're dying. "So I Laughed. " Then two weeks later on a Saturday, I came home drunk around 7:00 in the evening and all of a sudden my stomach felt like someone was inside with a knife digging  themselves out. I fell onto the bed with a overwhelming pain, then started  sweating so much that it soaked the bed, I actually thought I was dying, then I heard the voice of the Lord tell me to go to his servant Ernest Angley and have him lay hands on me. I turned on his ministry, it came on Sunday nights around 11:00 so that Sunday, I watched again, this time with respect and excitement. After the healing  line was done and I saw the blind get their eye site and the lame walk. They were all shouting and praising God. Just before the program went off the air they showed where chartered buses went to Akron, Ohio on certain days of the month, Inagene Yancey chartered one of those buses. So I got in touch with her.  November  29-1985  I went down to Akron Ohio on that bus, when it was time for the healing service I went up on stage, I stood in front of Ernest Angley then he asked me if I knew Jesus, I told him no. Then he had me say the sinners prayer and then he laid  hands on me and I fell down in the spirit and came up washed from all my sins, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs no longer have my life . I have no desire for them any longer and it's been thirty  five years. I thank you Jesus for all you've done Amen.  


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