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    Grinage.J.M.M.M    The Adventures of Oatie

Matthew L Grinage

This book is intended for readers from 2 to 92. I first started writing this book in 1979. I live in California at that time my older son Matthew was seven years old we were at home and had nothing to do so I started  doodling on a piece of paper and that was the birth of Oatie.

 This book "Oatie's Search for Grow" is the first book that I have written. There are two more books that continue this story.            



This is a story of a little seedling named Oatie who gets blown away from his parent wheat stalk. Oatie's dad and mom are telling  him and the other seedlings about what to stay away from and just about to tell them about growing, when suddenly a strong gust of wind blows Oatie off the wheat stalk; all he hears his dad say is "grow" as he is blown away. Now Oatie is on a journey to search for "grow" to find out what it is,where it is and how to get it. Oatie faces many dangers while on his search. But he also meets and makes a good friend named  Daisy. Join Oatie on his journey as he searches for 'grow'

 You are able to read seven pages of the book, If you would like you can purchase Paperback or kindle here. Paperback $9.00    ebooks $2.00

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Oatie's search for grow    In Paperback $9.00

Oatie's search for grow     ln ebook $2.00

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